HIPAA Compliance


Cloud storage providers that maintain health information on behalf of HIPAA "covered entities" must now achieve compliance. Are you compliant?


Traditional Backups vs. Intelligent Solutions


This comparison guide puts traditional backups right next to intelligent business continuity solutions to show the obvious differences.



Cloud Comparison


Compare the cloud to a traditional PC-based office based on cost, efficiency and practicality in this helpful guide.



Sunset Stone

Case Study

Learn how QeH2's IT Support was able to reduce risk and increase production for a local cast stone veneer company, Sunset Stone.



Device Security


Find out how to identify productivity and security risks while learning about the key features of managed mobile services with the Managed Mobile Guide.



Business Continuity Planning


Find out what Business Continuity Planning is and what it can do for your company in the wake of a disaster or loss of data.



8 IT Problems Solved By The Cloud eBook

How can the CompleteCloud deliver everything you rely on I.T. for while freeing you from the endless burden of updates, capital investment and maintenance?



4 Criteria to BC eBook

Educate yourself on Screenshot Verification, Inverse Chain Technology and other criteria for a safer, better protected business.



Proactive CIO Services


Understand the benefits and see the results from a proactive, CIO-level support team with help from this free whitepaper.



Restoring Business Capabilities

Case Study

Restoration St. Louis was hit with a major disaster that crippled their already slow network. They switched to CompleteCloud and saw immediate results.


Windows Server 2012


Do more with less and find cost-effective approaches and solutions to help solve your business' main problems in this informative guide.



Cloud TCO


Input your business' numbers and let QeH2's Cloud TCO calculator show you just how much a move to the cloud will save you.


Wilson Case Study

Wilson School

Case Study

The prestigious Wilson School upgraded the Complete Cloud in order to save money but soon saw other benefits after a massive fire.




The 6 Questions to Ask Your IT Guy


Find out what questions you should be asking your IT guy so that your business is getting attention and upgrades to keep running smoothly.


Martha's Hands Complete Cloud Case Study

Faced with hiring a full time staff & sinking thousands of dollars into upgrades, Jon found a more efficient and secure solution in the form of Complete Cloud.


Microsoft Office 365 eBook

Learn about the newest version of Office and how it can help your business become safer, mobile and more effective.



Lindsey Orthodontics

Case Study

Find out about the 4 main solutions QeH2 was able to implement for Lindsey Orthodontics making them a more secure and efficient business.



SIRIS Lite Backup Recovery Technology


Learn about QeH2's SIRIS Lite Backup Recovery Technology and what it can do for your business that your current backup agent can't.



The Going Green


Find out how Virtual Computing can help your business become greener and save you money in the process with this valuable guide.



Disaster Readiness


Do you know the necessary precautions and steps to prepare your business and its data for any type of disaster? Find out in this all-encompassing checklist.



ABNA Moves to the Cloud

Case Study

After a major server crash, civil engineering firm ABNA moved their system to the cloud and immediately saw the benefits. This is their journey to the cloud.



What Does a Stable Environment Feels Like?


Understand the key components to a stable network and how they can help work to prevent slow, unsecured inefficiencies within your business.

Business Owner's IT Decisions Guide

Learn how today's different IT Services work so that you can make an informed decision regarding your business' IT needs.



Small Biz Whitepaper: 6 Criteria for Data Protection

Understand major risks, learn about necessary data protection criteria and review recommended solutions for your small business in this whitepaper.